jeudi 2 juillet 2015

Oleanders and albizias

Petit hommage aux magnifiques lauriers-roses et aux albizias tout fleuris devant le magasin ALDI en bas de la rue, et qui vont bientôt disparaître pour laisser place à des ¤@#$ !

I think that albizias are often called mimosas in the USA. In France, mimosas are usually yellow and they do not look like these small trees at all. Oleanders are poisonous but that is not the reason why they will be soon pulled down.

jeudi 18 juin 2015


J'adore la musique du groupe ADAMA, que j'ai vu et revu  le 7 juin dernier à Grammont.

samedi 13 juin 2015


 This very nice but too short bicycle path is located close to La Pompignane. It is lined along its entire length with trees, shrubs, flowers, and even a few fruit trees. In spring, the lush vegetation there contrasts with the barren concrete desert on the other side of the street.