mardi 3 juillet 2007


This is my favorite fountain in Montpellier. It is located on La Place du Nombre d'Or (the Square of the Golden Number), where I used to live. If the fountain had been installed before I moved, I would never have left the place. I love fountains. This one changes every minute. Kids play in it all summer. Some people seem to be offended by the naked statue....

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  1. Love it. Looks like the statue is singing in the rain.

  2. I can see why it's a favorite, very nice photos

  3. On dirait qu'il fait beau en France!
    Très belles photos.
    Marie (une autre) de Brisbane!

  4. il commence à faire chaud
    déclenchons les fontaines !!

    ta fontaine doit être assez marrante à traverser

  5. Bergson, les jours de grand vent comme aujourd'hui, il vaut mieux ne pas passer trop près de la fontaine. J'ai été douchée un jour que je passais près d'elle à vélo. Mais elle est vraiment belle et on resterait des heures à la regarder.... L'eau semble voler.

    Thank you very much for your comments. It is sunny there but the wind is very strong and it is almost cold. Very unusual weather in July. I guess not many kids are playing in the fountain today.

  6. It is sunny "here," not "there." :-)

  7. Thank you for stopping by.. and your sweet comments.

    Don't you love Abraham....I will be back, to read you previous posts.

    The fountains are wonderful...I want to go play in them!!!

  8. I love that fountain!! There is one very similar in Dallas, Texas near the Fairmont hotel..but I cannot remember the name of the area. I love the wines from the Herault...we get a very good one here..."Les Heretiques"!! Deliceuse!

  9. Thank you, Wanda, thank you tonton Flâneur. I could not post a comment on your blog. What a pity!